My new SZ-R

Written for BCMTouring forum

Hey guys!

I didn’t think I will upgrade my bike, that too my favourite Yamaha Gladiator SS 124 in just 4 years. My brother has taken it and I am getting a brand new SZ-R last month.

I didn’t struggle a lot in selection because, I have no idea of going to Bajaj, TVS, Suzuki, Honda or Hero. I don’t want to buy a sporty bike all along, because I need to take my kid to school daily, sometimes me, my betterhalf and my kid. Hence, no other option other than SS124, SZ-X, SZ-R for me.

I am pretty much surprised because, I took Gladiator SS125 @ 56K before 4 years, and now it is 63K; just 1000 rupees lesser than the basic model of SZ. oops. I liked to go for 150CC with disk-breaks. Hence I’ve Chosen SZ-R

Difference between SZ-X and SZ-R

SZ-X has no disk break

SZ-X has no tachometer, instead it has fuel gauge over there
SZ-X has smaller tank cover like small elephent, where as SZ-R has a tusker!

Quality Red
Quality Red + Black
Quality Black
Quality White (released recently)

Always I wear my gladiator glass, I like to go or black with red – but no such choice. Red is attractive and they had lot of red coloured SZs. I really liked it, But I compared it with one of my friend’s FZ-red. It really looked pathetic after 2 years. God bless the hot Sun. I’m not pretty much impressed with black, after lot of time and suggestion (I took 2 days!) I went for white. I really liked it.

500 KMs up now, Here is my comparison with my good olden Glady!

60 Mark:
SZR is very handy, I could reach 60 in harly 5 to 12 seconds. More importantly, it is very good in the traffic. I can easily get into the gap before others get in.
Glady, It will take time, harly 5 to 15 seconds. But still I like it.
Obviously SZ rules!

I could run as low as 20 on 4th Gear. But I avoid it generally, I crawl with 3rd.
Ditto for Glady!

SZ has poor head light. It is very poor inside the city itself. I am damn sure it won’t be helpful on highways.
Ditto for Glady!

Glady has a nice engine cowl, which made it as unique among all bikes.
SZR tried to compensate it with its tusker tank shield. But it is okay.
Glady rules here!

Glady 50 to 55 for city drive.
SZR – Haven’t crossed 40 yet. I hope it will go for 45 after couple of services
Glady rules! (sacrifice it for torque!!)

Top Speed;
Glady 109 KMPH
SZR – Haven’t crossed 60 yet. Lets test it after 2000KMs Mark!

SZR has 235 mm dia disk break!
SZ rules!

Some serious cons of SZR against Glady
1. No flashing switch:
Don’t know which gentleman designed this. I can say he is really incompetent!! It is very hard to cross on X roads without signal. I need to switch on the lights always!

2. No owl’s eye
No separate switch to switch on the smaller bulb!

3. Poor Head Light
It is really very poor. I am not sure it will be helpful on highways.

4. Gear Lever
Glady has a sporty gear shift (one side).
SZ has the usual double side gear shift.

5. Handlebar
The semi-flat handlebar with rich black painting came with Glady is much more glamourous and convenient, You can feel the convenient when you cover sharp corners in high speed.
SZ has the usual handlebar with poor black painting.

Glady for excellent ergonimics
SZ-R for more power!


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