Baby’s day out – An early morning weekend trip to Mahabalipuram

We (my wife & I) decided yesterday about a short weekend trip. After getting my new Yamaha SZ R, we didn’t have a longer ride. My first choice was Siruvapuri – one hamlet on Chennai – Calcutta Highway, but our option changed to Mamallapuram because of the scenic highway. Ofcourse, this is first time for my son to come along with me for a ride.

We got up after 4-15 AM, Started from our home, After 2 minutes we reached the Mount Road.
The Journey continued in Old Mahabalipuram Road/IT Corridor. We could see the my cyclists with blinking head wears passing through out our journey.

The light is very poor in Navalur, Since street lights are off. I could see how poor, the headlight of SZ series is! One of the huge drawback of this model. After Kelambakkam, we took the left to reach ECR near Covelong beach. These are the pics I’ve taken earlier. I could feel the chill wind and insects falling and committing suicide in my helmet. Poor Bees.

We have reached Covelong, I preferred to go to the beach for sunrise, Still it is only quarter to six – But my wife preferred to ride along. Yes, that could be the best option to have the sunrise on the go.

We stopped our ride on the way for a nice photoshoot! Really we enjoyed this, Grassfield is full of water drops, wind with good amount of humidity, a free and nice looking highway beside my bike. What else you need?!

I didn’t go above 50 or 55 – because we three travelled together, also it may be too early to go 60+ on my new horse. But I still remember, I was at my best on this road. 109KMPH in Gladiator 125 earlier. But this time…,mhmm… family man boss Ofcourse, it is a good feeling to write both the experiences on BCMTouring!

Yes, we started again, ride along with coast. Poor guys, we couldn’t have sunrise due to cloud. Before reaching Mamallapuram, we could see many statue workshops. My son got enthoo on seeing that. what else, go for another photography! As I have told in my earier travelog (Coimbatore to Malampuzha) I usually like to ride between 50 – 60, since that is much convenient to enjoy both the riding and the scenic highway. Torque – always second priority for me. I’m not that much comfortable with it.

After 1 hrs and 45 minutes travel with two photo sessions, we have reached the Arjuna Penance at 06-45. Already many tourists started exploring places. Lets join with them!

I need to mention, it is good feeling to sit on the lawn behind the shore temple!

After a good breakfast, we started from Mamallapuram at 09-45, had row boating at Muttukadu on the way – reached our house at 11-40 AM!

Bye Bye MP!

Up and Down: 112 Kms
Top Speed: 55 KMPH (!)

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