Ranjit Singh – The lion of Punjab

Hi friends,
I’m Kannan.

I’m going to write about another interesting story book from Amar Chitra Katha – Ranjit Singh. I ordered this book in ACK website. This story is talking about the Sikhs. It is a brave community of North India.

Ranjit Singh – The lion of Punjab

Script: Rahul Singh
Illustrations: Devender
Editor: Anand Pai
Publisher: Amar Chitra Katha


The characters are given below.

  • Ranjit Singh
  • Ranjit Singh’s parents
  • Ranjit Singh’s friends
  • Indian Army and British Army.

When Ranjit Singh was ten years old, he was affected by smallpox. He lost the vision on his left eye. But he fought for his country.

Ranjit Singh’s father got ill later. So Ranjit Singh became the king. At last, During a meeting, Ranjit Singh was discussing. Suddenly he got heart attack and died.

I love that story because of 2 things. They are :
1. Ranjit Singh’s friends were saying, ‘we can’t swim in this river’. But Ranjit Singh told them ‘I will try’.

2. Before Ranjit Singh’s Army General Hari Singh Nalwa died, he said, ‘My end is near. But do not disclose this. Keep fighting.’


Vande Mataram & Happy New Year 2017


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