The Elusive Kaka – from Kannada Classic Kakana kote

Hi friends,

I’m Kannan.

I’m going to write about The Elusive Kaka (from Amar Chitra Katha). Congratulations to Amar Chitra Katha on completing its 50th anniversary.

The Elusive Kaka (Indian Classics)
Script: B.S Kurkal
Illustrations: Ram Waeerkar
Editor: Anand Pai


The Elusive Kaka is an interesting story. I like the Elusive Kaka story very much.

The Elusive Kaka Story – Main actors are (King) Ranadhira, Kacha, Naga (the elephant), Gowda, Nayak and Chikkaiya. In that story I like 2 scenes.

  1. Kacha saved Ranadhira’s life
  2. Ranadhira helped Kacha in his dispute with Heggade.

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