History Makers – Florence Nightingale – Sarah Ridley

Hi friends.

I’m Kannan. Im going to write about Florence Nightingale.

History makers

Author: Sarah Ridley
Publisher: Franklin Watts, London. 2009.
Subject: Non-fiction/Biography
Reserve @ NLB: Florence Nightingale– : and a new age of nursing / Sarah Ridley.


This is an biography book about Florence Nightingale. She was a nurse. She born in 1820. She is 189 years elder than me. She got an employment at German hospital in London as a nurse .

Then British and France joined Turkey in a war against Russia. She traveled from London to Turkey to serve the soldiers wounded in the war. She served many soldiers and everyone thanked her. She was very sincere in her duty. Even when the doctors are slept, she will come with a small lamp in her hand to check the patients. British Times praised her as ‘The lady with the lamp’.

In a old age she continued to write books, letters and Reports. In 1874 Florence’s father died. In 1880 Florence’s mother died. In 1890 Florence’s sister died. In 1901 Queen Victoria died. Edward VII becomes the king. In 1910 Florence died.

I think she is a very good nurse.

Thank you.

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