Tinkle comics – Double digest 55

Hi friends,

I would like to talk about Tinkle – Double Digest 55

Tinkle Double Digest 55

I love this tinkle books, because it is full of comedy and detective stories. I love Suppandi stories 😀. I bought of lot of ACK stories. They gave these stories free.


I like What is in a name, Anu Club, Untidy Priya, The wise lady stories because they are mind-blowing.

A Scene from Untidy Priya
A Scene from Untidy Priya
A Scene from Anu Club
A Scene from Anu Club

A scene from What's in a name

I want to mention about some characters.

Padmavati, thieves and Padmavati’s muma of The wise Lady

Mero, Kadayhun, Kengsher and old lady of The three brothers

Sigal, Peelu, Kabish, Kharni and Moto of Kapish

Gautham, Simple interest, Saini, Actu, Ally, Ashok, Inspector and Thieves of What’s in a name.

Ramu, Shamu, father, mother, Runa, Rajani, Viju and the post man of Ramu and Shamu.

Some of the comedy storied I liked…

Suppandi stories

Playing the fool

Shikari Shambu’s stories


Ramu and Shamu stories

Dear Friends, I can’t write names of all characters, because this book has more than 200 pages and 50 stories.

🇮🇳🇮🇳 Happy Independence day – 2017. 🇮🇳🇮🇳



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