Dumbo – The only flying elephant

After my school, on 29 Mar 2019 my family and I wanted to go for a movie. Yes, it happens like that always when I score good marks in my exams. My family and I washed our faces and got up ready to go to theater.

I have a choice of going for a Marvel movie starring Captain America (Cartoon character) or the movie Dumbo starring Colin Farrell. I had already seen a marvel movie in the past. That was the one of my mistake that I did. Waste of time! It was disaster! So, my family and I got tickets for the movie Dumbo, which will start 30 minutes later.

Dumbo_(2019_film). Picture (c) Wikipedia
Dumbo_(2019_film). Picture (c) Wikipedia

The story line goes like this (as given in wiki page) – In 1919, equestrian performer and World War I veteran Holt Farrier (Colin Farrell) returns after the war (in which he lost his left arm) to the Medici Brothers’ Circus, run by Max Medici (Danny DeVito). However, the circus has run into financial troubles and Medici has been forced to sell the circus’s horses after Holt’s wife (and co-performer) passed away, so Medici reassigns Holt as the caretaker for the circus’s pregnant elephant Jumbo. Jumbo gives birth to a calf with abnormally large ears and Medici orders Holt to hide the ears before he’ll allow the public to see the calf. However, the calf accidentally reveals his ears in his debut performance. The crowd mockingly names the calf Dumbo and pelts him with peanuts and other objects. Jumbo is distressed by Dumbo’s treatment and rampages into the ring causing extensive damage and accidentally killing Hans Brugelbecker (Lars Eidinger) who was an abusive member of the circus staff. Afterwards, Medici sells Jumbo in order to prevent a public relations disaster. Holt’s children Milly (Nico Parker) and Joe (Finley Hobbins) comfort Dumbo and realize Dumbo can fly by flapping his ears. They also discover that feathers are the key to Dumbo’s willingness to fly. In another performance, Dumbo plays the role of a firefighter to put out a fire with water sprayed from his trunk.

Picture (c) http://movies.disney.sg

However, the performance goes wrong and Dumbo is trapped on a high platform surrounded by flames. Milly risks her life to deliver a feather to Dumbo, giving him the confidence to fly. The audience is astounded when Dumbo begins to fly, and word of Dumbo begins to spread. V. A. Vandevere (Michael Keaton), the owner of the Dreamland amusement park, approaches Medici and proposes a collaboration. Medici would become Vandevere’s partner and the Medici Brothers’ Circus’s troupe would be employed to perform at Dreamland. Later, Vandevere demands that Dumbo should fly with trapeze artist Colette Marchant (Eva Green) on his back. However, their debut performance at Dreamland goes wrong with Dumbo nearly falling off a high platform leading to him trumpeting in alarm. Dumbo hears his mother’s call in response and realizes that his mother is an exhibit elsewhere in Dreamland. Dumbo flies out of the circus ring and reunites with his mother. Fearing that Dumbo’s mother may become a distraction to Dumbo, Vandevere orders Jumbo to be taken away and killed. He also fires all of the Medici performers from Dreamland. When Holt and the rest of the Medici troupe learn Vandevere intends to kill Jumbo, they resolve to set both Jumbo and Dumbo free. The circus performers utilize their various talents to break Jumbo out of her enclosure while Holt and Colette guide Dumbo to fly out of the circus. Vandevere attempts to stop them, but accidentally starts a fire triggered by mismanagement of Dreamland’s electricity system which spreads and destroys the park.

Picture (c) http://movies.disney.sg

After Dumbo saves Holt and his family from the fire, Holt, Colette, the kids, and the troupe bring the elephants to the harbor, where Dumbo and Jumbo board a ship back to their native home. Afterwards, the Medici circus (now named the Medici Family Circus) is re-established (and it’s implied that Vandevere was arrested for arson through misconduct) and flourishes with Colette as the newest troupe member while Dumbo and Jumbo reunite with a herd of elephants in the jungle.

The visuals were fantastic. I didn’t regret for missing the Marvel movie. The way the volcanic eruptions are visualized is something I have never seen. The ashes and fire being effused like shells, is something very good.

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