Kannagi: Madhavi will be dancing today. They say she is beautiful.
Kovalan: Certainly not as beautiful as my wife.

kannagi ACK 01

Kannagi is an South Indian classical story written by Jain sage Elango Adikal. Following are the important characters in this story.

  • The queen’s goldsmith (rare appearance in this story)

KANNAGI – Her love conquers all

Script: Lalitha Raghupati
Illutrations: Varnam
Editor: Anant Pai

Kannagi who’s love conquers all is quiet and a charming women. She loves her husband (Kovalan) and his husband loves her (Kannangi).

Kovalan is a handsome man. He has a good heart and he does not fool others. He fooled Kannagi just once and rejoined her after realizing his mistake.

Madhavi is a beautiful women and a excellent dancer. She love Kannagi’s husband Kovalan. Kovalan was a fan of Madhavi. Madhavi is neither a bad nor a good women.

The queen’s goldsmith (Nothing about him)

My favourite characters are Kovalan and Kannagi because they are very kind. I do not like the other’s because they are not kind!

This story (Kannagi) is a Tamil story happened in Madurai, Tamil Nadu.

This story told me how much Kannagi loved her husband. No wife can live like Kannagi! She was still love with Kovalan when he fooled her also.

Kannagi, you are the best!

kannagi ACK 02

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