Pareekshit | AmarChitraKatha

It was hunger that made him steal. Release the poor thief and give him good food. By taking life, you have forfeited the right to live. You shall be beheaded.

pareekshit AmarChitraKatha 02

This is a story from Mahabharata. This story happened after two generations born after the cruel most Kurushetra war.

This comic story have the following characters: –
• Pareekshit – The son of Abhimanyu
• Janemajaya – The intelligent lad
• Takshaka – The transforming snake
• The sage – (Nothing about him)

I liked this book because this book was interesting, exciting, sad and clever.

The plot goes like this:

Pareekshit, a king of Hastinapura after the Mahabaratha war, who was fond of hunting. One day, Pareekshit went to hunting. He felt so thirsty. He went to a sage’s house which was nearby. He was asking for a cup of milk. But the sage did not answer because, he was observing mouna (The vow of silence). Seeing this, the king went out and saw a dead serpent. Suddenly, he lifts it with his bow and slowly placed on the sage’s neck. Seeing this sage’s son cursed Pareekshit that the mighty serpent Takshaka will kill Pareekshit within seven days. As the curse Pareekshit was killed by Takshaka in the seventh day.

After the death of Pareekshit, Hastinapura was ruled his son Janamejaya. Janamejaya performed the Sarpasathra (The snake sacrifice) to kill Takshaka, his family and his friends. Has he done Sapasthra? You need to read this interesting book with beautiful drawing.

Pareekshit: Son of Abhimanyu

Script: B. R. Bhagwat

Illustration: Prabhakar Khanolkar, C. M Vitankar

For online purchase:

pareekshit AmarChitraKatha 01

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