Human’s cruel thoughts in voiceless friends

“Deforestation” is the removal of a forest or stand of trees from land which is then converted to a non-forest use. Due to deforestation there are many deaths including human beings.

If you take two incidents – one is the Australia Bush fire and the Elephant Incident in Kerala, India. We are killing animals which depend on us. We are also spoiling the life cycle. For example: Ants are eaten by bugs. Bugs are eaten by lizards. Lizards are eaten by snakes. Snakes are eaten by eagles.

You can think that the first two paragraphs are irrelevant. But, due to deforestation 1 billion of animals were cruelly killed by us in Australian bush fire. In our view we have one thought which is to destroy the forest and build flats and buildings to reside in. If you go like this the whole life cycle will change.

Ok. I will just come to the point. In Australian bushfire 24 people and an estimated number of 1 billion animals were killed, 15.6 million acres were torched and 9,352+ buildings were destroyed. A Kangaroo who is pregnant was killed in the bush fire. According to our knowledge over 1 billion animals were killed. Even there are many animals that are smaller in size that we do not know and the hidden numbers of animals by Australian Government.

Australian bushfire. Picture credit :

On May 27, a wild elephant died due to eating a pineapple which is full of crackers. The fruit was allegedly left there by locals. When she ate the pineapple, it exploded in her mouth, leading to her death. However, it is unlikely that someone will offer a pineapple to a wild elephant, said our IFS and Principal Conservator of Forests Chief Wildlife Officer Surendrakumar.  Surendrakumar pointed out that it is possible that the animal ate the fruit by mistake.  Mr. Surendrakumar, how did the cracks-laden came to the forest? What is the job of that? Farmers use crackers-laden fruits to scare animals from their field.

Picture credit:

But the truth is we are in the animal’s field. As human beings we have 5 senses. But we do not have common sense. Not only this incident, but the same incident was reported in other districts of Kerala as well. The incident has led to massive public outcry – both in India and abroad. Ratan Tata expressed “Shock” over the incident, saying it was akin to “meditated murder”.  I say that it was equal to kill a pregnant woman.

In villages in India, if Elephant comes by the street, they mix the pesticides with rice and give it to the elephant and kill it. If boar comes,they kill it directly. You murders, are you not ashamed? Why do you kill a voiceless life? Can you kill a human? I dare you to. If you kill you will be a prisoner. Remember that you are destroying the forests which are home to other animals and residing with your family. There should be a law for those shameless murders.


■ Thiruvalluvar Year 2051 ■ Vaikaasi 25th ■

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