The fruit of hard work

I want to share my reading experience of a short story ‘The fruit of hard work’ from the short story collection ‘Sacked! Folk Tales You Can Carry Around’ a book by Deepa Agarwal.

This story’s main characters are:

· Priest named Ram Dhan

· His wife named Sarla Devi

· The king.

Ram Dhan and Sarla Devi lived in a village in the heart of India. Ram Dhan made his living by performing several ceremonies for the villagers. One night while Ram Dhan and Sarla Devi were eating their dinner of two dry chapatis and a lump of salt, they decided to seek alms from the king.

The next day when Ram Dhan went to the king, he saw the king sitting on a jewelled throne. A huge diamond flashed in his turban, and his brocade coat simmered with gold. Two attendants stood beside him, holding an enormous salver covered with coins. As each supplicant approached, the king picked up a handful of coins and poured into the man’s cupped hand.

When Ram Dhan’s turn came he asked the king that the money he is giving is earned in his sweat? The king said “No!”. Then Ram Dhan said that he cannot accept the king’s money as it is not owned in a right way as it was against his dharma.

Will the king give Ram Dhan the money which he earned in his sweat or Ram Dhan will accept the money he gave? What happened after this, is something you need to read and enjoy.

The author adopts a descriptive style and genre of writing.

My favorite character was Ram Dhan as he wants the money which is owned in right way although he barely has food to eat.

sacked Folktales you can carry around
sacked Folktales you can carry around

The scene which caught my attention was the scene in the palace. Ram Dhan refuses the money which is not owned in the right way.

I like the story because it has a symbolic moral which is “Hardwork is the way to success” and the story taught me to hardwork for everything. It is also better to hardwork and lose than not hardworking and lose.

If I reflect upon the story and connect it with my life, it would be the time I learned cycling. I fell down many times, I got hurt and even some minor bruises. But I did not give up. Soon after 5 days I learned to cycle very well.

Kannan, M

Thiruvalluvar Year 2051, 16th day of month Margazhi

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