The night into day

The story is about a Prince Ripudaman.  One day, he got lost in a dark dense, soggy, deep, thick, big, huge forest in a dark night got separated from the rest of his company. When he was loitering for a way, he noticed  a faint light filtering through the trees.

He rode towards it and realized that he was at the edge of the forest. It was  pitch dark in the forest, but before him stretched a world filled with sunlight. When he came to know that the princess of that king shine like a sun, Ripudaman went to see her. When he saw her, he was head over the heels.

Immediately, he approached to the king and said about his love. The king agreed. But he said Ripudaman to dig 21 wells. Ripudaman agreed and bought labors to do it. After they finish digging the first well, the well was it how they were before. Soon the finished digging the second well. It was like how it was before.

Will the prince marry the princess? Will princess’s father allow Ripudaman to marry the princess?

The author adopts a mystery style and a genre of writing.

My favorite character was nobody as the characters was not like I expected.

The scene that caught my mind was the description of the Shining Princess by the shopkeeper to Ripudaman.

I wondered that I could be Ripudaman.


Kannan M
Thiruvalluvar Year 2051 – 27th day of Tamil month Aani.


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