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Hi everyone,

This post is the book reading experience on the remaining stories in Sacked!. In this post I’m going to give a brief on my favourite short stories.

Previous posts on this book:

  1. Roll my pumpkin – This story is about a grandma who is visiting her daughter who lived across a deep forest. Grandma is going to live in her daughter’s house for one month. While coming she notices 3 wild animals which were about to eat her one by one. She said some excuses and escaped from those wild creatures. After 1 month over she was frightened about the wild animals going to eat her. She said her adventures of seeing the wild creatures to her daughter.

Will her daughter save grandma? How?

Will grandma escape from those wild creatures? How?

  1. How did the price get knowledge – This Story is about a prince who do not have knowledge. The king tried so many gurus, the great scholars and so many peoples. But know one can give the prince knowledge. So, the king tried the prince to go to outside world where there is many chances of anyone giving the prince knowledge. As they thought the prince set out wearing a poor looking dress with some rubies inside. After going to a deep forest, he saw an old sage/guru in deep meditation. The prince took care of the guru. When the guru woke-up from the meditation, he saw the prince taking care of him. He asked the prince his wish. The prince told that he needs knowledge……

Will the Guru give the prince knowledge?

Will the Prince get knowledge?

  1. Wisdom for Sale – This is another funny story, but a boy called Buddhi opens a rented shop called Wisdom for Sale after the death of his father. He used to call ‘Wisdom for Sale’ every day, but everybody thought that Buddhi lost his wisdom. But one day a merchant’s son comes to Buddhi’s shop. He asks Buddhi for Wisdom. Suddenly the merchant’s son gets a note from him. By the way did Buddhi become rich…?


I give ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ to Sacked. This is a must-read book. Read it…..

📖 Sacked! Folk Tales You Can Carry Around Kindle Edition
Kindle Edition – ₹ 117.18
Paperback – ₹ 199.00

Kannan M
Thiruvalluvar year 2051
3rd day of Tamil month, Aadi.

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