சின்ராசு போற்றி.


Few weeks back we all woke up to an updated Privacy Policy notification from WhatsApp. Since then there has been a lot of stress amongst WhatsApp users about their data, privacy etc. Chumma illamey Elon Musk tweeted ‘Use Signal‘ and the whole world has started moving there and all this has only created more stress for namma WhatsApp. Last few days, WhatsApp has been releasing a lot of ads saying they’re SAFE, SAFE, SAFE and last night I saw them silentah sneaking into my WhatsApp status and telling they care for me and not to worry.

Vivek sollura madiri ‘ivanunga mogarakattaiyae pakkum bodhu avalavu nallavan madiri teriliyae’ and also worried if Facebook will reply ‘ninga mindvoice nu ninachu sathama paesiturukinga’ yedhu yeppudiyo nammaku yellam Chinraasu dan, let’s look at this situation from his perspective

Avasara pattiyae Whatsapp-u

Leave Me ELON!

Paavam namma Chinraasu

WhatsApp Latest Campaign ‘Nambi Vaanga…

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