5 expectations on Indian democracy on its republic day 🇮🇳

These are some of the quotes we studies in our civics studies.

Indian democracy is the largest democracy in the world.

It is for the people, by the people..

Let me write my 5 expectation on our democracy on Jan 26, 2022

  • Basic” Service Quality
    • Establish a citizen service desk for all central and state-level services. Fellow citizen to be guaranteed for a response.
    • If someone refuse to serve or yell at fellow citizens, he/she will be ripped out of his ‘God-like’ status and all his responsibilities are taken down
    • Service quality ranking should be established for every agencies. The ranking to be published in a public domain.
    • India is writing software for entire world. Digitally ignorant officials with higher salary packages to be replaced by right officials. All services should be digitally available. The waiting time of fellow citizens to get served by ‘God-like’ officials to be reduced.
  • “Basic” Infrastructure
    • Power cut should go away.
    • Water should come 24×7 or at least on regular intervals
    • 24×7 internet connectivity. Can-water and Lorry-water culture should be abolished. Water supply management to be modernized. Ensure someone with relevant knowledge handle water and drainage services. Just copy what is followed globally. we do not have to invent anything.
    • Roads to be built with shoulders to increase their life time.
    • Public transport should be increased and tax on private vehicles to be increased. Transportation cost to be proportional with maintenance and fuel cost. Transportation companies should function on their own. Private players to be included again.
    • ‘Public service Gods’ to understand basic infrastructure is not a sophistication.
  • Basic” Education
    • Public services to stop selling liquor. Must Must Must. It is a very bad example that can not be justified.
    • Public services to resume offer good quality education in Govt schools. Education charges can be imposed. Those who are weak financially should be given scholarships to pay their education fees
  • Basic” Religious freedom
    • Rules to be religion-neutral.
    • Public services should get out of religious institutions.
    • At the same time, public services should form religion-generic standards, which should be followed by all religious places. Taking money from Hundi, giving temple lands to party cadres, melting golds are all should be stopped.
    • Hatred speech should be heavily penalized. Special status that protect such hatred speech should be taken down without mercy to ensure peaceful religious harmony
  • Basic” Healthcare
    • The distance to be travelled by fellow citizens to get public healthcare services to be decreased
    • Walking/jogging/running tracks covered by greeneries should be created. Such places should be reachable in 500mts from every household.
    • Banners with good healthy life tips should be displayed everywhere to improve awareness. They should be changed periodically.
    • Local panchayats offering best greeneries, low sickness rate and good water/drainage maintenance should be honored on republic days in nation/state/district/panchayat levels.

Will it happen, dear India?

Wishing everyone a happy republic day 🇮🇳

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