Pareekshit | AmarChitraKatha

It was hunger that made him steal. Release the poor thief and give him good food. By taking life, you have forfeited the right to live. You shall be beheaded. This is a story from Mahabharata. This story happened after two generations born after the cruel most Kurushetra war. This comic story have the following [...]


Kannagi: Madhavi will be dancing today. They say she is beautiful. Kovalan: Certainly not as beautiful as my wife. Kannagi is an South Indian classical story written by Jain sage Elango Adikal. Following are the important characters in this story. The queen's goldsmith (rare appearance in this story) KANNAGI - Her love conquers all Script: [...]

Tenali Raman

Hi friends, This story (Tenali Raman) is a Tamil book starring:- Tenali Raman - Tenali Raman who is also known as Vikatavi (poet) was a Telugu poet was from a village called Tenali. He is also known as Raman. He was a funny and a intelligent man. He always make Krishnadevraya over joy . Krishnadevraya- [...]

Vikramaditya’s throne | Kamala Chandrakant

விக்கிரமாதித்தன் பதில் அளிக்காமல் இருந்த பொழுது வேதாளம் சொன்னது - நீ பேச பயப்படுகிறாய். சரி பரவாயில்லை. உனக்கு ஒரு கதை சொல்கிறேன். கதையின் முடிவில் உன்னிடம் ஒரு கேள்வி கேட்பேன். அதற்குப் பதில் கூற மறுத்து அமைதியாக இருந்தால், உன் தலையை ஆயிரம் துண்டுகளாக உடைத்துவிடுவேன். Vikramaditya's Throne கதை: கமலா சந்திரகாந்த் ஓவியம்: நானா வாக் எடிட்டர்: ஆனந்த் பாய். பதிப்பு: அமர் சித்ர கதா பி லிட், மும்பை. அருஞ்சொற்கள்: பார்க்க நல்ல [...]

Tinkle comics – Double digest 55

Hi friends, I would like to talk about Tinkle - Double Digest 55 I love this tinkle books, because it is full of comedy and detective stories. I love Suppandi stories 😀. I bought of lot of ACK stories. They gave these stories free. I like What is in a name, Anu Club, Untidy Priya, [...]